About Us

About Us

We are a couple of local guys, native to Wilmington NC, who grew up skate boarding, surfing, and fishing. We loved the thrill of board sports but were getting too old to fall on concrete and too busy to catch the good waves. Now we fall into the water and surf rocket waves!

Established in the summer of 2013, Carolina FlyBoard is an official Zapata dealer. You can purchase a board from us and one of our three Zapata certified instructors will have you operating it within a few hours.

We currently have 6 full-time employees and hope to continue to bring new jobs and tourism to North and South Carolina. As well as gain sponsors and donate a portion of our revenue to environmental charities.

Carolina-Flyboard is committed to customer satisfaction, by providing excellent products and services including training and instruction and always being respectful, honest and professional in our dealings.

Carolina-Flyboard is dedicated to the sport of flyboarding and the spirit of having a safe, unique and enjoyable fight in which every customer has the opportunity to develop their flyboarding skills.

Come out and have a blast!! Call now and book your adventure!!